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lycopene benefits for eyes

Lycopene Benefits For Eyes

      Vision is a true blessing for all of us. But in this age of ever-increasing environmental pollution and digitalization, the stress over our ...
matcha benefits for hair

Matcha Benefits for Hair

      Matcha is best known as a cure-all beverage loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that has an incredibly positive impact on the human body....
matcha green tea difference

Matcha and Green Tea Powder Difference

        Although matcha and green tea powder come from the same plant known as Camellia sinensis and green tea is considered one of the healthiest ...
chlorella for detox

Chlorella for Detox

      Chlorella is considered a superfood that supports natural detoxification in the body. The benefits of chlorella for detox are gaining increa...
chlorella for hair growth

Chlorella for Hair Growth

Chlorella is best known for its incredible detoxification ability. The benefits of chlorella for hair growth are less known and one of the mo...
chlorella benefits for skin

Chlorella Benefits for Skin

      While most people know chlorella as one of the most popular superfoods, very few people are aware of chlorella benefits for the skin. The sk...
spirulina benefits for men

Spirulina Benefits for Men

      At any stage of life, men’s health is affected by several common conditions ranging from prostate problems to sexual issues to cardiovascula...
spirulina for weight loss

Spirulina for Weight Loss

      When it comes to losing weight naturally, it’s important to lower the calorie intake and substitute high-calorie meals with ones with lesser...
spirulina for hair

Spirulina for Hair

      Spirulina is best-known as a green superfood and very few people are aware of the benefits of spirulina for hair. It offers a synergy of mic...
potassium hyperthyroidism

Potassium Iodide for Hyperthyroidism

        Potassium iodide (KI) has a long history of medicinal use and perhaps it had been working as the most substantial therapeutic agent for pro...
matcha sport

Matcha for Energy

      Though it’s not marketed as an energy drink, most people use match for energy and focus. It has traditionally been used in Japan for centuri...
l-carnitine for hyperthyroidism

L-carnitine for Hyperthyroidism

      People who have hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid gland, generally experience excess levels of thyroid hormones that alter the body'...