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Diindolylmethane for Hormonal Balance
Diindolylmethane for Hormonal Balance
Diindolylmethane for Hormonal Balance
Diindolylmethane for Hormonal Balance
Diindolylmethane for Hormonal Balance
Diindolylmethane for Hormonal Balance
Diindolylmethane for Hormonal Balance

DIM for Women 120 Vegan Capsules

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SUPPORTS HEALTHY ESTROGEN LEVELS by helping to maintain a balance of estrogen in the body and some of the potential effects it may have on PMS symptoms

HELP TO POTENTIALLY BOOST MOOD by helping to regulate estrogen levels during menstrual cycles

SUPPORT SKIN HEALTH by helping to keep Androgens(hormones) levels favorable and lowering the chance of skin breakouts

MADE WITH PREMIUM DIM without the use of artificial additives, wheat, dairy, yeast or gluten.

MADE IN CANADA in our GMP Government licensed facility. 30+ years of quality. Certified Halal


Why choose VORST's DIM for Women?

DIM for Women

A closer look


Promotes good estrogen to balance and help with metabolism

A poor balance of good and bad estrogen can lead to symptoms of cyclical mastalgia. DIM is the most stable byproduct of I-3-C and is responsible for promoting good estrogen to suppress the bad. A higher ratio of good estrogen helps the body fight off symptoms like cyclical mastalgia and more.

mental health Hormonal Balance

Helps to promote a good mood through hormonal balance

Emotional fluctuations and mood swings can occasionally be caused by hormonal imbalances, particularly during menopause or menstruation. DIM may tangentially improve emotional health by encouraging a more balanced estrogen profile.

Skin Health

Aids in the production of collagen for healthy skin

By helping to inhibit the growth of acne causing bacteria, DIM can support the growth of healthy cells and help to adress skin irritation issues caused by skin problemes.

flip cap

Features a flip-top cap for easier capsule dispensing

Packed and sealed in a dark green bottle to protect the capsules from sunlight and humidity. Also features a unique flip-top cap for easy and intentional capsule dispensing.

Why choose VORST?

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100% Transparency

The VORST team believes the best sources of nutrients come from Mother Nature. Our trained team members carefully select, source and process all raw ingredients to ensure our consumers receive the complete health value that comes from nature.

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More than 30 years of experience

We at VORST stand by our products and services with confidence. We strive to provide the best over-the-counter supplements with natural ingredients to ensure our customers get the benefits they need without the harmful chemicals.

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Made in Canada

Brand VORST by Celex Laboratories
Quantity & Type

120 Vegan Capsules

Cap Type Flip-top
Recommended Dosage 1 capsule at a time, once a day
NPN 80109252


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