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Creatine for Women 180 Vegan Capsules
Creatine for Women 180 Vegan Capsules
Creatine for Women 180 Vegan Capsules
Creatine for Women 180 Vegan Capsules
Creatine for Women 180 Vegan Capsules Supports Menopausal Health
Creatine for Women 180 Vegan Capsules Supports Cellular Energy
Creatine for Women 180 Vegan Capsules Promotes Mood Balance

Creatine for Women 1800mg Per Serving 180 Vegan Capsules

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✅ SUPPORTS MENOPAUSAL HEALTH by potentially promoting healthy inflammatory balance, oxidative stress, muscle integrity, and blood indicators that influence bone resorption

✅ SUPPORTS CELLULAR ENERGY by helping to raise the rate of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis, which powers the operation of all cells in the body

✅ PROMOTES MOOD BALANCE by potentially restoring brain energy levels and equilibrium

✅ MADE WITH PREMIUM CREATINE without the use of artificial additives, wheat, dairy, yeast or gluten

✅ MADE IN CANADA in our GMP Government-licensed facility. 30+ years of quality. Certified Halal


Why choose VORST's Creatine for Women?

Creatine for Women

A closer look

menopausal health

Helping to support menopausal health

Vorst’s Creatine for Women can potentially support menopausal health by influencing muscle mass and metabolism. Preserving muscle mass is vital for health and metabolism, especially post-menopause, when muscle loss and fat accumulation tend to increase.


Helps to support cellular energy in the body

Cells convert creatine into phosphocreatine, which serves as a readily available source of high-energy phosphate groups.

mental health

Helps to promote a balance to daily mood

Creatine has the potential to improve brain energy metabolism and neurotransmitter function, which could consequently affect mood regulation and equilibrium.

flip cap

Features a flip-top cap for easier capsule dispensing

Packaged and sealed in a dark green bottle to protect the capsules from sunlight and humidity. It also features a unique flip-top cap for easy and intentional capsule dispensing.

Why choose VORST?

vorst promise 1

100% Transparency

The VORST team believes the best sources of nutrients come from Mother Nature. Our trained team members carefully select, source and process all raw ingredients to ensure our consumers receive the complete health value that comes from nature.

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More than 30 years of experience

We at VORST stand by our products and services with confidence. We strive to provide the best over-the-counter supplements with natural ingredients to ensure our customers get the benefits they need without the harmful chemicals.

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Made in Canada

Brand VORST by Celex Laboratories
Quantity & Type

180 Vegan Capsules

Cap Type Flip-top
Recommended Dosage Take 3 capsules at a time, 2 times per day. Start with a loading phase of 4 weeks (3-5g/day) and follow with a maintance phase (2-5g/day).
NPN 80129022