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Tongkat Ali and Blood Pressure

Tongkat Ali and Blood Pressure


Disclaimer: This content has been produced purely for informational and educational purposes only and is never intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical guidelines including diagnosis, advice, and treatment.  


The herbal treatment with Tongkat Ali has long been used in traditional Southeast Asian medicine. It is frequently used to treat a number of illnesses, including bacterial infections, erectile dysfunction, and fevers. There is some anecdotal evidence that tongkat ali can regulate blood pressure however, scientific research is limited in this field.

Studies suggest that tongkat ali may increase male fertility, reduce stress, and enhance body composition.

This article will detail tongkat ali for blood pressure, other potential benefits, and possible risks or side effects associated with overconsumption.

What is Tongkat Ali?

The medicinal plant known as tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is indigenous to Southeast Asian nations like Malaysia, Borneo, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Tongkat ali also referred to as longjack, possesses phytoandrogens, which have effects comparable to those of testosterone. It has numerous other health advantages and is becoming more and more popular for use in male enhancement products.

Tongkat ali also possesses other important bioactive compounds like alkaloids, flavonoids, and antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and offer various health-promoting abilities.

These include, among others, reducing stress and migraines, aiding in weight loss, calming indigestion, and fending against infections and fever.

Typically, tongkat ali is taken as a supplement in the form of pills containing the herb's extract or in herbal beverages.

Tongkat Ali Effects on Blood Pressure

Tongkat ali is considered an adaptogen and has the potential to reduce stress and anxiety. It has also been said that this herb has the ability to dilate the blood vessels which in turn reduces high blood pressure.

How Does it Work?

Hypertension is considered as high blood pressure which is above 140/90 mmHg and is affecting millions of people around the globe. According to an estimate, its prevalence will increase from 972 million to 2000 in the next two to three years.

Renin-angiotensin system plays a key role in the regulation of blood pressure, as the angiotensin-converting enzyme converts angiotensin l to angiotensin ll and increases blood pressure. Moreover, angiotensin, also known as kininase, lower blood pressure by encouraging vasodilation, natriuresis, and diuresis.

Tongkat ali extract may possess antihypertensive effects and reduce blood pressure by increasing the relaxation of aortic rings. A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of Eurycoma longifolia on blood pressure. Results concluded that the ethanolic root extract of this plant with different fractions promotes relaxation of the aorta and reduces the contraction resulting from angiotensin l and ll.

We discovered the first study conducted by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, to look at how Tongkat Ali affected blood pressure levels. This 2016 study, which was published in the Journal of BioMed Research International, demonstrated that tongkat ali promotes blood vessel expansion, which lowers blood pressure.

To further corroborate these findings, however, additional clinical studies with a bigger sample size must be carried out.

According to another study, conducted in Malaysia with the aim to evaluate the effects of tongkat ali on blood pressure. The study found that this plant contains some specific bioactive compounds and concluded this subfraction might be developed into an antihypertensive medication that would be able to preserve or improve erectile function in hypertensive patients.

Other Benefits

longifolia is a commonly used traditional Asian medication for fevers, high blood pressure, diarrhea, leukemia, diabetes, stress, and osteoporosis. The root extract of tongkat ali has been used as an appetite stimulant, antibacterial and aphrodisiac agent. Moreover, root extract is used as a folk remedy to treat glandular swelling.

Can Boost Testosterone Levels and Male Fertility

Tongkat ali has the potential to boost testosterone levels and improve male fertility. Low testosterone levels resulting from certain factors including medications, disease, or aging can decrease libido and affect fertility.

In a one-month study in older people with decreased testosterone levels, consumption of 200mg of tongkat ali extract daily resulted in remarkable improvement in testosterone levels.

Moreover, research also revealed that tongkat ali has the potential to increase sexual performance and can treat erectile dysfunction in men. Studies also showed that tongkat ali consumption also resulted in increased sperm count and motility which in turn improved fertility in males.

Can Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Tongkat ali has the potential to reduce the body’s stress hormones which reduces the symptoms of stress and anxiety and uplifts the spirit. A study was conducted to compare the effects of tongkat ali with anti-anxiety drugs. Results revealed that tongkat ali significantly reduced stress and anxiety and boosted mood.

In a 1-month trial involving 63 persons with moderate stress, supplementing with 200 mg of tongkat ali extract daily resulted in 16% lower salivary levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who received a placebo.

Additionally, after ingesting tongkat ali, participants reported considerably reduced stress, rage, and tension.

May Improve Athletic performance

Tongkat ali has been used to improve exercise performance and muscle mass. It works by improving energy levels due to the presence of some bioactive compounds such as quassinoids which have the potential to decrease fatigue and increase endurance.

In another study, 14 male participants consumed 100mg of tongkat extract daily and showed a significant improvement in muscle mass compared to the placebo. Moreover, the amount of fat they lost was greater than the placebo group.

It was also observed that taking tongkat drinks during exercise showed the same strength and performance as plain water.


May Help Fight Infections

Tongkat ali is rich in compounds that possess potent antimicrobial properties and help the body fight against infections caused by these micro-organisms. Moreover, the antioxidant properties of tongkat neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and reduce the risks of chronic diseases.

Possible Risks and Side Effects

Studies showed that excessive consumption of tongkat ali aqueous extract of more than 2000mg/kg body weight may cause DNA damage in the stomach and duodenum tissues.

The safety of this herbal remedy is not determined in pregnant and lactating women and is advised to avoid its consumption in these women.

Bottom Line

Tongkat ali also known as long jack has traditionally been used for the treatment of various diseases. It helps improve fertility, boost athletic performance, fight cancer and relieve stress and anxiety. Studies on tongkat ali's effects on reducing blood pressure are not sufficient and there should be extensive research on evaluating the antihypertensive effects.