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Shilajit for Weight Loss

 Shilajit for Weight Loss

Disclaimer: This content has been produced purely for informational and educational purposes only and is never intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical guidelines including diagnosis, advice, and treatment.  

Being overweight or obese is one of the most prevalent concerns today, affecting both men and women in almost all countries throughout the world. The use of shilajit for weight loss has been around for thousands of years in several traditional and folk medicines, especially in Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, China, Nepal, and more. But does it really work? What modern science says? Let’s figure it out together. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring whether there is any scientific evidence to claim the benefits of shilajit for weight loss. But before we get into how shilajit can help with obesity, it’s important to learn the basics of shilajit a little bit more. So, let’s get started. 

Table of contents 

  • What is shilajit? 
  • Shilajit: nutrition fact 
  • Benefits of shilajit for weight loss
  • How to use shilajit 
  • Precautions and side effects 
  • Final words 

What is shilajit? 

Shilajit is a blackish, sticky tar-like natural substance that is rarely found in the high altitude mountain ranges, usually in the rocks above at least 1000 meters of sea level. It takes centuries to get developed from the slowed decomposition of crushed plant materials over time. It gets poured out in various shapes on the rocks when the hot environment melts it down in summer. 

Shilajit is widely used in Asian traditional and folk medicines, especially in Indian traditional medicine called Ayurveda which is reported to be originated more than 5000 years ago. Shilajit is considered a safe and effective natural agent that can promote overall health and well-being in many different ways. 

Shilajit: nutrition fact 

Shilajit is densely packed with natural minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. It is believed to be a complex mixture of at least 85 different minerals and vitamins. It’s a rich source of amino acids, trace elements, and various organic vitamins such as vitamins A, B2, B6, B9, and B12. It’s abundant in biologically active fulvic and humic acids. Common minerals found in shilajit include zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, and chrome, only to name a few.  

Benefits of shilajit for weight loss 

Shilajit is considered one of the most effective and safe ingredients to lose weight naturally. The use of shilajit for weight loss has been reported to be useful in many ways. The high nutritional content in shilajit can help increase your feeling of fullness and suppress your appetite, which is vital for a healthy weight loss regimen. 

Besides, the amino acid content found in shilajit is highly helpful in increasing metabolism, which in turn accelerates the process of fat burning and reduces the deposition of fats in the body. This helps reduce levels of unhealthy fats including cholesterol. 

Moreover, shilajit and the biologically active compounds it contains have been shown to possess exceptional antioxidant activities that can help protect body cells and tissues from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, which is another leading cause of obesity that may result in various serious complications such as heart disease and stroke.  

There is sufficient evidence including clinical trials and lab research that support the positive effects of consuming shilajit for weight loss and obesity. 

For example, a 2011 clinical trial published in the Ayu, an international journal of research in ayurveda, reported that the consumption of shilajit for weight loss is highly significant in reducing body weight and body mass index (BMI). This study also reported that the results were achieved without showing any adverse effects on the body.  

Another 2016 study in the Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences showed that shilajit has anti-obesity effects on fat oxidation and metabolism that can help in the reduction of body weight in diet-induced obesity. In this study, a dose of 200 mg per day has been found effective, but more research is required to confirm the efficacy and safety.    

How to use shilajit  

The doses of shilajit for weight loss are personal and may widely vary from patient to patient depending on the individual health needs and goals. However, in general, the doses range from 300 mg to 500 mg per day which can be taken with lukewarm milk or water. 

Consider asking a certified naturopath or healthcare practitioner for your exact dose so that he or she can analyze your specific health condition and help you decide what dose and method of use would be best for you.     

Precautions and side effects 

Although it seems to be safe for most people, natural raw shilajit isn’t suitable for consumption as it may contain poisonous substances such as fungus, heavy metals, and other contaminations that can cause toxicity in the body. Therefore, when considering purchasing shilajit, make sure you choose only reliable brands like Vorst from Canada that provide only purified shilajit that is ready for use. 

Besides, people with existing health conditions, especially those who have hemochromatosis (excess iron in the blood), thalassemia, or sickle cell anemia, should avoid shilajit. Shilajit may also show some allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, if you experience dizziness, increased heart rate, or skin rash or hive, immediately stop using this substance. 

However, it’s always best to take shilajit under the direct supervision of any licensed naturopath or medical practitioner to avoid any unpleasant effects. 

Final words 

Shilajit is a natural substance that has been used for health purposes for thousands of years. Studies suggest it can help lose weight naturally. The benefits of shilajit for weight loss seem to come from the anti-obesity effects of the bioactive compounds it contains. However, it’s important to take shilajit only under medical supervision to avoid any unpleasant adverse effects.

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