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Natural Supplements to Help You Focus

natural supplements for focus


  DISCLAIMER: This article has been written for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment


Natural supplements that can help you improve your focus are classified as nootropics. Any substances including drugs and supplements that are labeled claiming to boost cognitive function in the brain come under nootropics, also known as “smart drugs”. 

Nootropic natural supplements can improve a variety of cognitive functions including focus, creativity, memory, motivation, and even age-induced declines in focus and other brain functions. 

In this article, we’ll explore a number of nootropic natural supplements that have been found highly beneficial to improve focus and other cognitive functions in the brain. But we’ll start with the basics of focus first. Let’s dive deeper a little bit more.   

Table of contents 

  • What is the focus? 
  • Factors that affect the focus 
  • Natural supplements to help you focus 
  • Fina words 

What is the focus? 

Focus, also known as concentration, is the ability to control attention according to will. It’s the capability of drawing attention to one subject, thought, or object and at the same time protecting the mind from other unnecessary thoughts, objects, feelings, sensations, and ideas.  

Factors that affect the focus

There’re many things that can affect your focus. Focus can be affected by external as well as internal factors. Understanding these factors may help you improve your focus more efficiently. 

Eating habits - The human brain needs adequate nutrients to work properly including focus and mental sharpness. If we fail to fuel our brains appropriately, we’ll experience a variety of brain-related symptoms such as lack of focus or concentration, memory loss, brain fog, and mental fatigue. Certain essential fatty acids such as DHA and EPA are vital for focus, hence, lack of these substances for a long time may ruin focus and cognitive functions gradually. 

Inadequate sleep - studies suggest that poor sleep may lead to reduced focus, slower thought processes, and decreased alertness. A sleep-deprived person is more likely to develop symptoms of cognitive declines compared to others. 

Environment - Certain environmental factors such as a too noisy place or too quiet may also impact your focus. Similarly, temperature, lighting, and other associated factors can also create distractions and affect your focus. 

Lack of physical activity - Physical fitness is essential for focus and other brain functions. While exercises can help you feel more relaxed and energetic, lack of activity may cause muscle stress, neck tightness, and shortness of oxygen in the body. Physical discomfort during work significantly affects the focus levels. 


Natural supplements to help you focus

When it comes to increasing focus, there’re certain natural supplements that are found to be helpful. But what matters most is choosing supplements that match your specific needs. 

Here’re some proven nootropic natural supplements to help you focus more efficiently. 

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba, also known as gingko or maidenhair tree, is a popular dietary supplement that people widely use for boosting various brain functions including focus and memory. 

Multiple studies have found that extract of ginkgo biloba can increase cerebral blood flow in the brain and has a positive effect on improving cognitive performance. Studies have also suggested that ginkgo has the ability to improve thinking skills and memory and may help protect the brain from age-induced cognitive decline. 

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Omega 3 fatty acids (seal oil and fish oil) 

Omega 3 fatty acids, especially DHA and EPA have many health benefits including increased brain functions. Fish oil supplements and seal oil supplements are the major sources of omega 3 fatty acids. But seal oil supplements are more efficient as they contain DPA which is typically not found in other sources. 

Research has suggested that omega 3 fatty acids have strong anti-inflammatory properties that help protect brain cells from oxidative damages commonly found in age-related decline of brain functions. Besides, they play a vital role in developing the brain cells, making them essential for brain structure and functions including focus and memory. 

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Caffeine is perhaps the only brain stimulant that’s legal in nearly all parts of the world. It's a proven natural stimulant that can help activate the brain and central nervous system mainly found in coffee, dark chocolate, and tea. 

Studies have substantiated that caffeine can enhance focus, mental alertness, memory, and overall brain functions and may also help you feel more energetic throughout the day. 

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Resveratrol is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants that naturally occurs in fruits especially those that have red or purple skin such as grapes, blueberries, and raspberries. 

Resveratrol has been found to be effective in preventing deterioration of the brain areas that are associated with memory and cognitions such as the hippocampus. Resveratrol is highly beneficial in increasing focus in people with age-related brain issues. 

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L-theanine is a special type of amino acid found in some specific herbs and fungal species such as tea and certain mushrooms. Unlike caffeine, L-theanine doesn’t stimulate the brain but supports brain functions by calming down the jitters of the brain.  

Studies have shown that L-theanine helps increase the production of GABA in the brain which plays an important role in enhancing the levels of dopamine and serotonin, resulting in more calmness and focus. 

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Phosphatidylserine is a fat compound found in the human brain. It’s helpful in preventing and even reversing declined brain conditions. 

Studies show that supplementing with phosphatidylserine can noticeably improve memory and thinking skills in healthy people and improve brain functions in people who have age-related problems. 

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Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is one of the indispensable substances for developing and maintaining a healthy body as well as the brain. It’s a key nutrient for the brain and nervous system that can help boost focus levels. 

Studies have found that supplementing with vitamin D3 may help mood, focus, and memory and lack of this substance may lead to various conditions such as brain fog. 

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Final words

Ginkgo biloba, omega 3 fatty acids, L-theanine, vitamin D3, and resveratrol are only a few examples of natural supplements that can help you focus but aren’t limited to, there’re more. In general, natural supplements that contain healthy fats and support antioxidative actions promote brain and cognitive health. 

Speak to your healthcare provider prior to using any natural supplements to help you focus. 

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