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Best Supplements for Muscle Gain and Strength

best supplements for muscle gain and strentgh


  DISCLAIMER: This article has been written for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment


Gaining muscle and strength isn’t something that only bodybuilding enthusiasts require, having healthy and strong muscles is also important for every person who wants to perform his or her best during the course of daily life activities. However, it’s not hard today to find the best supplements for muscle gain and strength, but remember, most muscle-building supplements have no or very little scientific evidence to back their claims.  

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best supplements for muscle gain and strength that really work wonders and their efficacies are substantiated by studies. So, let’s get started.  

Table of contents 

  • Best supplements for muscle gain and strength 
  • Whey protein 
  • Plant protein 
  • Ashwagandha
  • Maca 
  • Vitamin B12
  • Tribulus  
  • Precautions and side effects 
  • Final words 

Best supplements for muscle gain and strength 

The good news is that there’re some proven supplements that support building muscle mass and strengthening muscle tissues. 

But, before we get started with the best supplements for muscle gain and strength, it’s worth knowing that dietary supplements work to supplement the diet to fill the gap of nutrients that the diet alone cannot serve.  

Therefore, to get the best results, a healthy balanced diet is essential. Besides, the development of muscle is also involved with various other factors such as a person’s sleep pattern and inherited genes. Hence, healthy lifestyle choices along with mild to moderate physical activity are also important. 

Here’re some of the best supplements that can help you gain muscles and increase your muscle strength. 

Whey protein 

Whey protein is a collection of proteins derived from whey, the liquid part of milk that remains after the separation of cream in the process of making cheese. It contains a wide range of amino acids that are considered essentials for the human body, including nine types of essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) such as valine, isoleucine, and leucine. 

Whey protein and the essential amino acids it contains play an important role in many vital bodily functions, from producing new immune cells to building muscles.  

A large number of studies suggest that whey protein can help gain muscle, increase strength, and lose unwanted body fats.   

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Plant protein 

Plant protein is derived from various plant-based sources majorly from peas, soy, brown rice, and hemp. A plant-based protein supplement can be made from a combination of various plants or a single plant alone. 

Since plant-based protein supplements are made totally from plant sources, they’re a good option for people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. 

Like whey protein, plant-based proteins also contain branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) but in lesser amounts compared to whey protein supplements. But when they are fortified with other multivitamins or greens, they act as a complete protein like whey protein. 

A 2015 review published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed plant-based pea protein supplementation is effective in increasing muscle thickness in people who are returning or starting a muscle strengthening training and can be used as an effective alternative to whey protein supplements.   

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Ashwagandha, botanically known as Withania somnifera, is a globally popular medicinal herb that has traditionally been used as a therapeutic adaptogen to improve weakness and fatigue for centuries. It helps enhance muscle mass and strength. 

Studies show root extract of ashwagandha is associated with noticeable increase in muscle mass and strength and can be used as a conjunctive supplementation in resistance training programs. 

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  • Maca 

    Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng, is an edible herb that grows in South America, particularly in the high Andes mountains of Peru. 

    Maca is a unique muscle-building supplement that can benefit both men as well as women since it helps increase testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women. Therefore, it’s beneficial for increasing sports performance for both men and women. 

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    Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 is best known for producing red blood cells in the human body. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body including muscle tissues. Therefore, it helps muscles grow and strengthen naturally by delivering essential supplies. 


    Tribulus, also known as Gokshura in India, is a herb that is popularly promoted for increasing muscle mass and resistance, especially for athletes or sportspersons. It helps in the production of testosterone and prevents loss of muscle mass.   

    Studies suggest Tribulus can help increase fat-free muscle mass as well as muscular strength and helps keep testosterone levels at a healthy stage. 

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    Precautions and side effects 

    Supplements that help in muscle growth and strength can impact overall bodily functions. They may also produce some side effects that are not common for all and may differ from person to person. 

    Besides, choosing the best supplements for muscle gain and strength might be a daunting job due to the overwhelming advertisements and confusing information. Check manufacturer’s trustworthiness and certificates before buying any supplement.


    Always ask your nutritionist or natural medicine specialist prior to using any muscle gaining supplement. 

    Final words 

    Since finding the best supplements for muscle gain and strength is confusing for many people, here we discussed some of the best muscle-building supplements such as whey protein, plant protein, vitamin B12, maca, and more. 

    But before using any supplements, it’s always a best practice to consult with a certified healthcare provider. 

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